False Pregnancy Signs And Symptoms

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pregnancy test stripAccording to the information available on human pregnancy, false pregnancy signs and symptoms are very similar to pregnancy early symptoms due to which there are chances of mistaking a fake pregnancy for a real one. Pseudocyesis or false pregnancy is a condition in which a woman who is not pregnant often experiences pregnancy early symptoms or real pregnancy symptoms. The reason behind this is believed to be mostly psychological. This is primarily experienced by women who have lost a child or have suffered from a miscarriage. Additionally, a desire to be pregnant can also contribute towards a false pregnancy because as these women try hard to conceive they become convinced that they are pregnant even if they are not.This is especially true for slightly older women who have been trying to conceive for many years or those who have fertility problems.

Experts believe that the cause for Pseudocyesis is an emotional conflict that arises as result of a desire or fear of pregnancy. The conflict is so strong that it can alter a woman’s endocrine system, causing the body to show signs and symptoms that are very similar to an actual pregnancy. Some of the common false pregnancy symptoms include: Tender breasts, morning sickness, menstrual irregularity, abdominal distention, uterine enlargement, weight gain and a softening of the cervix. Tender breasts are common symptoms of pregnancy in its early stages. Although sensitive and sore breasts are signs of pregnancy they can also mean that your period is near. A missed period is the most common sign of pregnancy but if you have irregular menstrual cycles it becomes difficult to distinguish between a real and a fake pregnancy. Morning sickness that is the hallmark of pregnancy can also be felt in case of a fake pregnancy due to hormonal imbalance. Abdominal distention can also be caused due to water retention, or gas which can be mistaken for a sign of pregnancy.

premenstrual syndrome signs and symptoms,However, some of the real symptoms of pregnancy are:

• Darkening of the areolas indicate that you may have successfully conceived but it can also be caused by a hormonal change or imbalance.

• Craving for food can be considered as a sign of real pregnancy. But do not rely on this sign alone. Craving for food in combination with other signs should be taken seriously as a sign of real pregnancy.

• If you feel tired and fatigued regularly , it can be due the high levels of progesterone secretion that usually occurs during early pregnancy .

• Frequent urination is a sign of pregnancy. But this alone cannot be considered as frequent urination is also a symptom for diabetes.

• Cramping or implantation bleeding is caused by the ovum when it attaches itself to the endometrial lining.

• Morning sickness is the hallmark of pregnancy• Change in the sense of taste during early pregnancy make women dislike food that they usually love or crave for a particular type of food.

• Tender and swollen breasts

• A positive home pregnancy test

• A missed monthly cycle or period

Since false pregnancy signs and symptoms are very hard to differentiate from true pregnancy, clinical blood pregnancy test is vital.

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