Prenatal vitamins: Essential for nutritions

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prenatal-vitaminsIt is not possible for a pregnant woman to get all the nutrients.  Even if you take a healthy diet broad ranges of dairy products, foods, meat, vegetables, fruits, grain etc.

Prenatal vitamins are beneficial for pregnant women they can get benefit by this. Because prenatal vitamins and mineral work as a supplement.

Taking these prenatal vitamins and minerals with proper diet and with dietary restrictions, pregnancy complications, health issue like:-

  1. Vegetarians
  2. Smoke
  3. Blood disorder
  4. Bypass surgery
  5. Having twins

Taking prenatal vitamins is an insurance policy to make sure about the amount of nutrients and vitamins.

Two crucial and very important nutritions:- folic acid and iron
Most of pregnant women cannot get enough these two vitamins by food

  • Folic Acid:-  Folic Acid vitamin b can reduce the risk of spina bifida, cleft palate by 50 to 70 % body of pregnant women absorbs synthetic folic acid  so it is better to take supplement for it
  • Iron: – Iron reduces the risk of anemia. And it helps in the production of blood.

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