Prevent Sagging Breasts

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breast-lift-diagram-ptosis1When you fell pregnant, did you start to hear all those horror stories about what your breasts were going to look like post-pregnancy? Sagging, stretch marks, need I go on?

Personally, I started off with small breasts so the potential for sagging and stretching was not that great (or worrisome) for me.

MY concern was just HOW MUCH smaller I was going to be? And I can tell you, although I made it through sag-free, I am DEFINITELY a lot smaller now (padded bra’s here I come!).

My friend, however, had a different story. She started off BIG, grew even bigger during her pregnancy and then lost everything and ended up with smaller, less perky (to put it mildly) breasts (not to mention a stretch mark or two).

Unfortunately, in my case, there was nothing I could have done to prevent ending up with smaller breasts. For my friend however, sagging and stretch marks CAN DEFINITELY be MINIMIZED with the proper care!

Top 5 Tips for PERKY breasts:

1. Do your pectoral (chest) exercises, such as pushups or

chest press with weights or tubing.

2. Work on improving and maintaining good posture (hint: you’ll NEVER see a woman with a good body, sitting or standing with poor posture – it’s impossible!) (refer to my CORE book).

3. After you delivery avoid letting your baby hang or pull on your nipples while breastfeeding.

4.. Always wear a good quality bra that has lots of support.

5. And last but not least, if/when you take up running again, make sure you have excellent support – don’t make the mistake of going braless or flimsy!

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