Quick Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

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Ten Quick Tips To Get Pregnant Fast.

conceive a boyQuick tip 1 – Do hormone testing to find out if your hormone levels are normal in order to facilitate the ovulation process. For example, high levels of prolactin will suppress the release of luteinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormone.

This will prevent ovulation and even anovulation. Fertility treatment is recommended for women who are affected by hormone imbalances that cause irregular menstrual cycle.

Quick tip 2 – Understand your ovulatory cycle. Most women have either a twenty one or twenty eight days cycle. Ovulation will occur in the middle of this cycle.

Quick tip 3 – Use the rhythm method to know which day is the perfect day to have sexual intercourse. This is done by monitoring your temperature daily and document it. The temperature will elevate once you ovulate.

Quick tip 4 – Monitor your vaginal discharge. On the day of ovulation the discharge will be a clear sticky and stringy gel. This viscous cervical mucous will trap the sperms and make sure that they arrive safely to their desired destination.

Quick tip 5 – The signs of fertility are changes in the cervical mucous and elevated temperature. You can conceive within twelve to twenty four hours once these signs are evident. This is sure way to help getting pregnant.

Quick tip 6 – The missionary position is the natural and most favored in conceiving and a perfect position in getting pregnant.

Quick tip 7 – Maintain your body weight. If you are underweight or overweight, it will hamper proper ovulation.

Quick tip 8 – Proper balanced diet is a vital factor to help in nourishing and boosting your reproductive hormones. Eliminate beverages such as caffeine and alcohol from your diet because they affect fertility.

Quick tip 9 – Stimulate your metabolic system through regular exercises. This helps to relax you and aid in the ovulatory process.

Quick tip 10 – Lifestyle changes such as quitting cigarette smoking. Nicotine from cigarette can cause spontaneous abortion.


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