Safe Pregnancy Arm Exercise!

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Do you find yourself avoiding sleeveless or short-sleeved shirts because you’re embarrassed about showing off your arms?

If you answered yes, you’re NOT alone!

Many women are uncomfortable wearing sleeveless tops during pregnancy – which is a real SHAME. I think PREGNANT WOMEN are gorgeous – belly, arms ‘n all. And I especially LOVE it when pregnant women feel confident enough to SHOW OFF their bellies. Sleeveless tops, mini skirts, stretchy fabrics will all make you look like a HOT MAMA.

As you can see, I believe in flaunting your stuff

Now I know you must be rolling your eyes right now saying “but my arms look ugly and they’re full of fat and cellulite”.

So here it is: there is no question that most women DO put on weight on their arms (especially the Pear body types), BUT the good news is that you CAN still do something about it. You just need to learn what exercises are SAFE to do for pregnancy.

To get you started on your ‘teachings’, here are my Top 3 Exercise Picks for GORGEOUS ARMS:

1) Do a DIP!

The Tricep Dip is a great exercise to do anywhere, anytime, because no equipment is needed. It’s both easy and effective – and boy can you feel it.

To do a “dip”, sit on the side of a bench or ledge, place your hands on the edge, fingers facing forward. Lift your bum off the bench and move it slightly forward. Dip down towards the ground and push back up again, ONLY bending at the elbow. And do not dip lower than your shoulder height. Repeat 12-15 times.

2) EXTEND Yourself!

The Tricep Extension is my 2nd favorite exercise for the back of the arms. Although it’s not as convenient as the DIP, it’s effective and requires less awkwardness on the wrist joints. If you happen to have exercise tubing (Dyna bands as some know it), it also works well, just set it up as if it’s the lat pull down machine.

To perform this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, pelvis tucked under. Place your hands shoulder width apart on the lat pull down bar. Slowly push the bar towards your hips/legs using your triceps (you should feel the burn in the backs of your arms!). Do not use your shoulders to do the work. Repeat 12-15 times.

3) Push Yourself UP!

If you’d like something a little more challenging to work your entire upper body, try pushups. You CAN do pushups during pregnancy, as long as they feel okay.

You can either do wall pushups (easy) or kneeling pushups (moderate).

I would be cautious with the regular pushups, especially later in your pregnancy because they’ll get uncomfortable with your big tummy and there is a strong tendency to hold your breath – a big NO-NO during pregnancy. Also, as you get heavier, so does the amount of weight you have to push up, so do yourself a favor and change your workout routine!

Remember, do NOT push yourself to exhaustion! Pregnancy is not the time to build strength or endurance; rather it is the time to maintain your existing fitness level as best you can.

And when you’re ready to take your workout to the next level after your little one is born, be sure to secure your copy of my latest book post-pregnancy weight-loss book, Mommy Without Pounds. Itseasy-to-use food and exercise program make it a breeze to melt your pregnancy pounds.

(NOTE: Please make sure to get your Health Care Provider’s OK before doing ANY exercises during pregnancy).

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