Tips To Getting Pregnant Faster

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Woman taking pregnancy test

Quick Tip 1 – Most important, seek medical advice if you are having difficulty to conceive. Blood studies will determine the level of reproductive hormones. This will confirm if you are ovulating normally. Just to say a little on polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition in which the hormone Prolactin has level that is so high that it suppresses the release of luteinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormone.

Quick Tip 2 – These two latter hormones are needed to stimulate the follicle in releasing an ovum. The ovum is needed to be fertilized by the sperm in order to get pregnant. In understanding prolactin, this is the hormone responsible for milk production after pregnancy. When women are breastfeeding, don’t have a menstrual period because of the same concept above with the levels of prolactin. It surges and suppressed the ovulatory hormones.

Quick Tip 3 – Therefore, if there are hormones imbalances it will be difficult to conceive. This causes irregular menstrual period or no menstrual period. So, first you have to find out if you are ovulating properly.

Quick Tip 4 – Once your ovulatory cycle is normal, there must be a different reason for inability to conceive. The woman needs to study her ovulatory cycle for several months in order to understand the pattern. This way she will know her ovulation day. Most women have either a twenty one or twenty eight days cycle.

Quick Tip 5 – The middle of this cycle is the time ovulation is likely. Her temperature will be elevated on that day. Therefore she needs to monitor her temperature everyday and chart it as well as monitor her vaginal discharge. The day of ovulation the discharge will be a clear sticky and stringy gel. Having sexual intercourse on this day will get her pregnant.

Quick Tip 6 – A woman can conceive within twelve to twenty four hours during her fertile time. It is advisable to remain lying down with a pillow under the hips for some time after the sperms are deposited to allow them to enter the uterus. The missionary position is the natural and most favored in conceiving. These are the little secrets and tips in getting pregnant.

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