Top 6 Safe Pregnancy Exercise Choices

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pregnancy exercisesWhenever I start talking with pregnant women about exercise, the first question is always: “What TYPES of exercises are SAFE for me to do during pregnancy?”

In fact, one of my subscribers asked more specifically:

QUESTION: Can I still bike throughout my pregnancy OR is it too dangerous?

MY OPINION: To answer your question, YES, biking is okay to do as long as it feels comfortable. Personally, I would recommend a stationary bike rather than a road bike to decrease your risk of falling.

Because cycling is non-weight bearing (meaning it doesn’t require you to bear your own weight), it is an EXCELLENT exercise during pregnancy. If you’re looking for something more fun you can also try spinning classes. The only precaution is to make sure you exercise at your own pace and do not let yourself be “pushed” by others. Listen to your body and ONLY do what feels good.

To get you started, here’s a list of my TOP 6 Cardio Picks:

1. Walking – always one of the best and most convenient exercises you can do (pregnant or not)! Make sure you wear loose, light clothing (to deflect the sun), and well-supported and cushioned shoes (preferably running shoes).

2. Swimming – an excellent, A+ form of exercise. Swimming, Water Walking and  Deep-Water Running are EXCELLENT forms of exercise during pregnancy.

3. Aerobics (low to moderate intensity) – gets you moving and it’s fun. Remember, though, that it’s crucial you listen to your body. Don’t do anything that causes sharp pains or dizziness and do avoid any weight lifting above your head, jumping, or lying down.

4. Water Aerobics – highly recommended! Because of the buoyancy, you don’t incur the same impact and jarring of regular aerobics, which of course is easier on your changing body!

5. Elliptical Machine – this is one of my favorites! It’s great because there is no impact involved. The motions are smooth and body-friendly, meaning they are not contra-indicative like a bad stair climber tends to be on the knees.

6. Stationary Bike – this is a good non-weight bearing exercise that is quite easy and safe on the body.

Here’s the low-down on WHAT’s going on in your body and WHY you need to be cautious:

• Your body increases its blood volume by 40%;

• Your heart rate increases by roughly 15 beats per minute (so nutrients and oxygen can be transported to the fetus more efficiently);

• Your breathing increases, decreasing the amount of O2 (oxygen) available for exercise making you more tired and winded than usual;

• You’ve got relaxin (a hormone) running through your body making you more flexible for delivery; and

• Your body is dealing with an increased load of baby-related weight!

With all these changes, it’s a good idea to be aware of EXACTLY what exercises you CAN and CANNOT do.

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