Ways To Become Pregnant

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pregnancy after 35Tip 1 – Start by getting a preconception checkup. Your doctor can give you advice about prenatal vitamins with folic acid that can reduce the chances of having a baby with spina bifida or other neural tube defects. Your doctor will also make sure that any medical conditions you have are under control before you start trying to conceive, and can give you advice about any medication you are taking and the potential that it will interfere with becoming pregnant.

Tip 2 – Learn about your menstrual cycle. Start tracking your periods before you begin trying to get pregnant, so that you know what happens in your body when you ovulate. This means paying attention to your cervical mucus and/or tracking your basal body temperature. Knowing the length of your cycle can also increase the chances that tools such as ovulation predictor kits will help you track your most fertile times. Remember that the first day of your period is counted as day one, and you should ovulate around day fourteen. If your menstrual period is longer or shorter than twenty eight days, you may ovulate sooner or later. Keeping track of this information on a calendar will ensure that you are having intercourse at the best times for getting pregnant.

Tip 3 – Stop taking your birth control. There are different rules about when to start trying after you stop using birth control. If you are using physical barrier methods like condoms, you can start trying immediately. If you have been taking birth control pills, patches, IUDs, or other hormonal methods, you will want to wait a little while to begin trying. Your doctor can tell you how long to wait, but remember that once you stop birth control your periods may be irregular. Track them anyway to find out about your menstrual cycle.

Tip 4 – Have the right kind of sex. While it may seem to make sense that you should be having sex constantly when you are trying to conceive, this tactic could backfire. Some men experience decreased sperm count when they ejaculate too often. Instead, remember that sperm live inside the vagina for as long as three days, so having sex once a day is plenty. After you have sex, lie down in bed for a little while afterwards, and don’t go to the restroom for at least fifteen minutes.

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