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What to do about bed bugs?

What to do about bed bugs? Bedbugs had been in all places ahead of the World War II, however , billions of these were eradicated due to the plans to clear the slums in Europe, The United States and Most of Asia. Clearly there was so much of improvement by …

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Cimex Lectularius

Bedbugs infesting a home may give off a nasty smell from smell glands. With these conditions, the best alternative may be to throw the old mattress out and consider practical actions that stay clear of toxic chemical compounds. You will find 74 species belonging in the Cimicidae group that are …

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Where Are Bed Bugs Discovered?

Now you have determined what bed bugs look like, you should determine where bed bugs can hide. Like all insects, bed bugs prefer specific things about their location they are living in. While they could be capable of living almost any place, these insects have preferences. Bed Bug Species There …

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