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Eggs Really Are Incredible!

The benefits of eating eggs in the morning are numerous.  However, many people avoid eggs because they are afraid of the fat content in egg yolks.  Studies have shown that these egg yolks can actually have health benefits.  Whether you are attempting to lose weight or simply want to live …

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Managing Your Blood Sugars

Ideally, when managing your blood sugars, what we want to achieve is a stable balance of blood sugar levels throughout the day. To help achieve this aim, you need to: NEVER skip meals Eat 5 times per day Choosing from foods that have good nutritional value and provide sustenance Try …

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Diabetes – Factors that Affect Blood Sugar Levels

Processing The more a food is processed, the easier it is for the digestive system to break it down and absorb the carbohydrates, leading to a quick rise in blood glucose level. For example, a smooth wholemeal bread has a higher GI* than a heavy wholegrain bread. Preparation and Cooking …

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