After wisdom teeth removal

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After wisdom teeth removal

After procedure of wisdom teeth removal you can experience some of usual side effects such as: pain, swelling, bleeding and problems with opening your jaw and chewing. Having in mind that it is surgery inside of your mouth it will be wise to pay attention on the stuff that you eat in first 2-3 days after the surgery. Actually it is very important not to disturb the wound in first few hours after wisdom teeth removal while you are still under the influence of anesthesia. This can easily happen because you want be able to feel any pain yet. So, do not drink beverage using the straw or eat any food in few first hours after the surgery.

After the anesthesia wears out the pain will start. Usually it is a strong pain. Prescribed painkillers will help you overcome it. If you had more than one wisdom tooth removed at the same time you have to be extra careful and the pain that you feel will be much higher. Do not take more painkillers than you were prescribed to. Consult your doctor if you feel that proscribed dosage is not helping you.

The wound that you have inside your mouth after your wisdom teeth removal will bleed for a while. It will help if you change small pieces of gauze from time to time, and press them on your wound. It will help to stop the bleeding. Even when you feel that the bleeding has stopped, do not be surprise if your saliva is kind of pink even the day after. It is normal and you do not have to worry about it. But if the bleeding does not stop in 24 hours, call to your doctor for advice.

It is also possible that you will experience some swelling on your cheek on the side were your wisdom teeth was extracted. It will help if you put some ice and keep it for the first day after the surgery. To prevent potential inflammation you can rinse your mouth with salty water few times a day first couple of days after wisdom teeth removal.

You have to be prepared that in first couple of days after the extraction you want be able to open your jaw as you do it normally and that chewing can be painful. So, the food that you will take should be in a way soft and easy to chew, but the best will be to avoid the straws – not to disturb the blood cloth that has been formed on top of the wound. If it happens, by any chance, it will probably cause the painful inflammation called dry socket. That inflammation should be treated by a doctor. Usually it involves beside painkillers, antibiotic treatment, too. Be careful with the food and keep in mind that you will be on your favorite food in a week.

After wisdom teeth removal you should act responsible, take painkillers as prescribed and carefully choose your food. Keep the appointment with the doctor as scheduled, usually in a week after the surgery. During the appointment doctor will remove the stiches from your wound and check if everything is healing properly. If your doctor feel the need, you can have one more checkup in following weeks.

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