Curing Pain with Natural Toothache Remedies

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can-i-spit-after-wisdom-teeth-removalHaving a toothache is one of the most miserable experiences you can ever have. The pain itself is incredible and it can also prevent you from being able to eat, drink, or sleep. The best medicine is, of course, prevention – and seeing a dentist is vital both before and after you feel any kind of pain. But, it is good to know that there are natural toothache remedies that can help you in the short-term until you are able to get in to see the dentist.

No natural toothache remedies will actually heal the problem that is causing your pain. Tooth pain can be caused by any number of reasons – a crack in the tooth, a cavity, an exposed nerve, or even the erosion of enamel. Problems can also happen under the gum line, including gum disease, an abscess, or a broken root.

There are numerous natural toothache remedies that you can use to help relieve the pain until you can get the problem taken care of. If you are in excruciating pain, the chances are good that you will need work done on your tooth and you should take care of that immediately. But if the pain is mild and you can hold on for a day or two until visiting the dentist, then you can try a natural remedy.

A remedy that almost everyone has in their spice rack is cloves. Most people only use it when they are making ham, but it is one of the most common remedies for toothache. In fact, your dentist will have their own version of a clove remedy in their office, too. This natural remedy helps to soothe pain and exposed nerves, and quiet down the throbbing that can accompany the pain. By applying ground clove and salt to the tooth and surrounding area, you should soon feel relief.

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