Do You Need Toothache Pain Relief? Here Are Some Suggestions

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impacted-wisdom-teethEverybody has suffered from a toothache at one point or another. They can be mild, extremely painful, and even chronic. If you suffer from tooth pain and you need to get some toothache pain relief, here are a few things that you can do.

Ice cubes. Now do not put these cubes in your mouth. Cold foods, like ice cubes, can cause you a lot of pain if you are having a toothache. But you can use the ice cubes to distract yourself from the pain. Rub the ice on your bare skin. The cold feeling will help to occupy your brain, and eventually the pain will subside.

Alcohol. Alcohol has been a cure for toothaches for a long time. It used to be common practice to use on babies when they were teething. Dip your finger in alcohol, then rub it on your gums. This will help to numb the pain. You can also use alcohol the way you would use a mouthwash.

Another way to get toothache pain relief is to eat garlic or onions. You do not have to eat a lot of garlic or onions. All you have to do is chew on a piece for a little while. The acidity will work as an antibacterial that will help to clean your teeth.

There are also medicines that can pick up from the drugstore. You can pick up oral specific medicines like gels and pastes that you will brush on to your teeth. Or you can just by some pain relief medicine like Advil.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to know that it is only temporary toothache pain relief. If you have constant toothaches, chances are that there is something wrong with your teeth. You need to see a professional to get the help that you need.

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