Handling Severe Tooth Nerve Pain

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wisdom-tooth-painTooth nerve pain is not the same as a normal toothache. Sometimes it feels like an electric shock is going off in your mouth, and that is exactly what it is. Your nerves are electrical impulses and if one is triggered, it really does feel as if you have been shocked. This kind of pain is the most extreme of all tooth pain, and because it can come on so suddenly and seemingly without warning, it can be excruciating.

Although it seems that tooth nerve pain comes out of nowhere, there is always a reason and usually it is because the area around the tooth nerves is swollen. The swollen tissue puts pressure on the nerve in the root of the tooth and sends out little shocks. So, the key to getting rid of this kind of pain is first to reduce the swelling.

Just like in other parts of your body, when you want to reduce swelling, you use ice. Ice applied outside the mouth, a covered ice bag (so that it isn’t too cold on your mouth) is the best way to start feeling relief. It might not be immediate, but if you keep the ice pack on for 20 minutes each hour, the swelling should start to go and the tooth nerve pain should go away.

When you have “dry socket” or extreme pain in the whole where a tooth was extracted, your dentist will apply a concoction made of cloves to remove the pain and start the healing. You can do the same thing at home by using cloves that you find in your kitchen. Grind them up and create a paste, applying that to the tooth with a swab or piece of cotton. The pain will begin to subside and the antibacterial effects of the cloves will help the area to heal.

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