Impacted wisdom teeth removal

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Wisdom teeth removalImpacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that did not erupted completely because there was not enough room for them to erupt fully and straight. Usually they are erupted completely sideways. In case of impacted wisdom teeth removal the procedure is slightly easier than in case were wisdom teeth are still in jaw bone, but this kind of extraction requires professional surgery equipment and dentist usually do not have this kind of instruments – so they are referring patients to professional surgeons.

Like in every other surgical procedure, before impacted wisdom teeth removal patient will be sedated. Anesthesia is used for patient not to feel the pain during and after the procedure.The level of difficulty of the procedure of extraction depends of the exact position of the tooth and its roots. Wisdom teeth have more than one root. So, if the roots are straight it will be easy and fast extraction, but there is possibility that the roots are twisted like a hook – in that case the removal of wisdom teeth will be more challenging. Anyway, the surgeon is well informed about position of the tooth and the roots before the extraction through X-ray scan of a tooth or whole jaw is needed. That is obligatory to take before the procedure.

When the procedure is finished you can ask for your teeth to keep. In old days that was considered to be childish but recently scientist proved that stem cells can be harvested from the wisdom teeth! So, it is up to you to decide what will happen with your wisdom teeth once it is out of your mouth.

For a while after you leave the clinic you will be ok and without the pain – until anesthesia is still on. After that period you will need painkillers to help you with the pain. Use only medicines that are prescribed to you from your doctor. If you think that the prescribed quantity is not doing the job, do not take more or combine it with other drugs without prior consultation with your doctor. That kid of behavioral may be dangerous. Also, for the first night after your impacted wisdom teeth removal, try to sleep with your head in upright position. It will help to prevent bleeding and swelling. If the bleeding, that is normal in first hours after the procedure, continues during the night and more than 24 hours, it would be wise to consult the doctor about it.

Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is one serious dental procedure. Be sure to follow all the advices of your dentist and to choose wisely where you are going to do the surgical procedure. Cheapest clinics may not be the best option for this procedure. If possible try to find one that is used and recommended by the people you know. Also in case that you need to remove more than one impacted wisdom teeth do not do it all at once! Make one procedure, then after few months take another. It will be easier for you and for your body to handle and to heal properly.

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