Pain in Tooth? A Few Simple Solutions

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wisdom-tooth-painThere are many reasons that you might experience a pain in tooth? It can be caused by bacteria, decay, or an exposed nerve. Whatever the problem is, it is important that you make a dentist appointment. But until that time, here are a couple of solutions that can help you stop the discomfort.

The most common, and simplest form of relief is by using Tylenol or another pain medication. Even when using this medication, you might still feel discomfort when you eat.

If you are having a toothache you should make sure that you eat dull and mild food. Eating food that is too hot or too cold can cause you pain because your teeth are being sensitive. There are some foods that can help you stop the pain in tooth that you are experiencing.

You can chew on a clove of garlic. Garlic has strong antibacterial properties that can clean your teeth. Onions have can have the same effect. Many people don’t like to use garlic or onion because it gives them bad breath. You can chew on peppermint leaves afterwards to get rid of your bad breath.

Many peoples favorite solution is a strong shot of whiskey. You can dip you finger in whiskey and rub it over your gums, or you can take a shot, and use it like mouthwash. Any liquor will work. It will help you to numb your gums and get rid of the pain.

If your pain in tooth persists, you need to go and see a doctor. It is likely that you have a cavity forming and you need to have that taken care of. A dentist is the only person who can truly stop a toothache.

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