Using Food as a Toothache Remedy

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wisdom-tooth-painYour teeth may hurt when you get an infection, or experience swelling in your gums. If this happens it is important that you schedule a visit to a dentist. But in the mean time, you can use food as a toothache remedy.

There are many foods that will help to relieve your pain. One of the most popular foods that you can use is garlic. If you are experiencing discomfort, chew on a piece of garlic. This will help to relieve any of your discomfort. You should make sure not to use to much of it because it can cause bad breath. The same is true with onions. Onions have the same effect as garlic, and can be used in the same fashion.

If your kid is having trouble with tooth pain, you can use vanilla extract as a toothache remedy. This is a great item that will soothe your child’s discomfort. It will also be very easy to make them take it because it tastes great.

You can also use liquor. Liquor has been used as a toothache remedy for many years. You can use a piece of cotton to soak up some liquor, then wash it over your gums. You can also take a shot of liquor, and rinse your mouth like you would when you use mouthwash.

Another way to help with toothache pain is by distracting your mind. One common remedy is by holding a piece of ice against your skin. Your brain will be distracted from the pain when you focus on the ice on your skin. This is a very effective and simple method.

These are just temporary methods, however. If you want to fix your problem you need  to go and see a dentist.

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