What to eat after wisdom teeth removal

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wisdom-teeth-removal-priceCouple of hours after your surgery you will start feeling the pain, so your appetite will not be at normal level at least on the day of the surgery. But if you use painkillers as prescribed by your surgeon you will soon feel hungry and start wondering what to eat after wisdom teeth removal? You will wonder that in case you are not prepared in advance – if you didn`t collect information before you started your wisdom teeth removal adventure. We will offer you few simple ideas what to eat after wisdom teeth removal to ease your post operative trauma, as much as possible.

After your wound (or wounds – if you had more then one tooth removed) stopped bleeding and the pain is on the normal level you should take some water. To prevent dehydration you should take at least 8 glasses of water during the day, especially if you had general anaesthesia. For the water as well as for all the other food and drinks that you will take is important not to be cold or hot and not to be taken on a straw. Why is this important? Pressure of liquid taken through a straw can hurt your wound and it can cause bleeding again. If it happens, put a cotton cloth and press the wound. If the bleeding continues for a long while go to the emergency room or call your doctor. The food that you will take in next couple of days after the surgery should be soft. Avoid any hard chewing food as well as crispy one, too. Also, keep in mind that it want be easy to brush teeth and that you should be extra careful in the area around the wound so choose your food wisely.

So, what to eat after wisdom teeth removal, what is easy to eat food? Easy to eat are: mashed potato and baby food, juices, soft boiled eggs, soups, chesses, apple souse, all kind of boiled vegetables, bananas, pudding, yogurt… You can cook few vegetables together with spices and when all is boiled use blender and make a cream soup of it. It will be easy to swallow, do not require any chewing and it will keep you full for a while. Hopefully you will be able to eat properly in a week or even sooner.

It is important to follow this small diet for couple of days, because if you don`t it can cause some serous problems – it could even lead to lower jaw fracture. You should ask your dentist what to eat after wisdom teeth removal, just to be sure in your particular case what is the best option. What ever your life still is, you should take it easy until you are not fully recovered from this surgery. If you exercise regularly, stop it for few days. Be sure no to miss appointments after surgery with your dentist. He/she will check your wound and that is always good moment to have another advice from the pro about what to eat after wisdom teeth removal.

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