Wisdom teeth removal costs

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diamond_Wisdom teeth removalIf you are advised by your dentist to extract your wisdom teeth and you are referred to the oral surgeon, the question that is rising is how much will wisdom teeth removal cost? Like all dentist services this one is not cheep, too. Wisdom teeth removal cost will vary on the few important factors: what is exactly problem with your wisdom teeth, where do you live and do you have dental insurance?

If your problem can be solved with the simple procedure of extraction, in that case wisdom teeth removal cost want by high. So, if your wisdom teeth are fully erupted, with the local anaesthesia (which is usually included in the price) cost, just for the extraction, will be around $75-$200 per tooth. Also it is possible to have discount if you decide to take all four of wisdom teeth at once and the price will then be from $300 – $800. Now, these are just the prices for simple extraction. This kind of extraction is possible to do in your dentist office, too. If your dentist offer that, it is not necessary to go to oral surgeon. But there are some hidden costs that you have to take into consideration: X-ray, additional anaesthesia and dentist consultation.

If the situation with your third molars is not that simple, extraction will be equally complicated. You have to be prepared for the procedure. Easiest way for your dentist or oral surgeon to conclude how to do the extraction is to have X-ray of your wisdom teeth or in some cases cone beam CT scan – to be sure where are the nerves and your blood vessels exactly, what is the structure and what is the position of your teeth. Average price of an X-ray is between$70- $100. CT scan is more expensive and it cost around $200 and up to $400.

As we said before, anaesthesia can be included in teeth removal cost, but in the situation when surgical procedure is needed for your wisdom teeth removal, cost of anaesthesia will be separated. In this situation you need general anaesthesia. The range of this anaesthesia is from $200 to $600. Again, if you are removing more the one wisdom tooth it will be cheaper for you. In some dentist offices you will be asked to pay additionally for local anaesthesia. Be sure to check that before the procedure with your dentist. The price of local anaesthesia is lower then general one and it is between $50 and $150.

Some dentist will make you the surgery on the same day that you go for consultation, if you have all the necessary documentation and it that is possible in the office that you have choose. In that case you will pay only one dental consultation. If your extraction is complicated and you are referred to the surgeon you will have to pay between $150 – $800 per teeth. Post operative consultations should be included in this price.

So, you see that wisdom teeth removal cost vary a lot. It is a fact that in smaller cities cost are lover, but on the other hand in big surgeries in big city dentist are more experienced and there is a small chance that something goes wrong. Chose wisely, check the prices on few places in the city and try not to allow that wisdom teeth removal cost influence the coulity of the dental care that you will have. If you have dental insurance all this prices mentioned above will bee much lower.

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