Wisdom teeth removal pain

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wisdom teeth remove painIf you have scheduled surgery to have your wisdom teeth removed, do not be worried about the pain of removal itself in advance. Wisdom teeth removal pain is being handled by the surgeon with proper anesthesia. Usually during the extraction patient want feel a thing. You can have some strange discomfort feeling due to the fact that you know what is going on in side of your mouth, but you want feel any pain during the procedure. Strong anesthesia is used because wisdom teeth removal pain is severe. It depends of your particular case and the position how your wisdom teeth is placed, if it is for example stuck in you jaw bone, but extraction of wisdom teeth is serious procedure and requires proper attention from the patient after the procedure.

The real pain want start until few hours after the surgery – before the anesthesia wears out. Even if it is so, you should have someone to help you to get home safely. It is not advised to drive in first 24 hours after the extraction. Your doctor will prescribe you some painkillers – use them. Do not be heroic and presume that you can handle the pain on your own. There is no reason for that. If taken as prescribed, painkiller want harm your body in any way, it will just help to cope with the severe pain that you will feel and will allow you to return to your everyday activities as soon as possible. So, it will be good to start with the painkillers before your anesthesia wears out completely. You will be able to notice that because pain will slowly start to increase. But always have in mind that you have a wound and that the fact that you do not feel the pain due to anesthesia or painkillers you took, your wound is very sensitive and you have to protect it as much as possible to help it heal.

In order to decrease wisdom teeth removal pain and to help heeling of the place of extraction you should try not to harm you wound in any way. Do not touch it with your tongue. Do not drink alcohol or smoke in firs 36 hours after the surgery. Often complication that mostly affects smokers is inflammation of the wound called dry socket. It will require additional doctor advices and probably antibiotics, too. And it will prolong your period of recovery. Be careful because your behavior will determine duration of your recovery period. It also includes the certain diet. The food you will eat in a first week after the surgery should be easy to chew. Avoid crispy food and any food that can harm your wound. Do not use straws because the pressure it can put on your wound.

To prevent wisdom teeth removal pain and to keep your wound clean you can rinse your mouth with salty water few times a day in first couple of days after the extraction. Also the tea beg placed directly on the wound can help. Hygiene is essential, but brushing of your teeth will require some caution in order not to harm the wound. For every confusion or additional questions about wisdom teeth removal pain consult your doctor.

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