Wisdom teeth removal recovery

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Wisdom+teeth+removal+recoveryEvery surgery is followed by recovery period which have its own specificity. In case of wisdom teeth removal recovery, like in case of any other surgery procedure it is important to follow advices of your doctor. We can try to give you in short description what to expect in a course of your wisdom teeth removal recovery.

Immediately after your surgery you want feel any pain until anesthesia is still effective. Once anesthesia is over, you will feel the pain. The pain will probably be very strong and your prescribed painkillers will be essential. If it is needed in your specific case you will be instructed by your doctorhow to change small pieces of gauze on your wound. It is possible for bleeding to stop but to have still pink saliva and that is nothing to worry about. Like any other – the wound after your wisdom teeth removal will be painful and sensitive and you will have to try not to hurt it additionally. It meant to be very careful with the food you will eat for start. You may expect that in first couple of days after the surgery you will eat only liquid and easy to chew food. After a week you will probably be on your normal feeding regime.

All in all the things that you can expect during your wisdom teeth removal recovery is: pain, a little bit of bleeding, swelling, bruising on the outside of your check, problems with chewing and swallowing the food. All of these problems listed above are temporary and they should disappear in couple of weeks. These are all normal post-surgery effects. But you should take inconsideration and post-surgery effects that are not so common and so easy to deal with.

There has been reported that some patients experience severe headache after they had their wisdom teeth removed. It is still not clear what cause this headache but the patients are unanimous in the statement that headache is permanent and unbearable. One of the explanations is that a certain nerve can be damaged during the surgery and that he is after that damage sending false pain impulse to the brain.

Also, there is a chance of dry socket to occur. That is a condition of inflammation of empty tooth socket. It occurs more often with smokers and when the lover wisdom teeth are removed. That is the condition that requires advice of your doctor and often antibiotics are included in treatment. It will prolong your recovery period for a few weeks.

Anyway, to have adequate recovery after your wisdom teeth removalyou should not smoke at least two days after surgery, try not to disturb the wound, to prevent potential infection you could rinse your mouth with warm salty water few times a day, take only painkillers that are prescribed to you. Also, try to rest for at least couple of days. Do not act like nothing has happened – every surgical intervention is a big shock for your body and you should give it some time to recover properly.

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