Wisdom teeth removal

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Wisdom-teeth-remove-dentistBetween the ages of 17 – 25 we all are developing third molars, usually known as wisdom teeth. As a teeth that are developed last, third molars often don`t have enough space in our jaw. This can cause a lot of problems. Recommended and most common way of dealing with these problems is wisdom teeth removal. When there is some space wisdom teeth can come partly through and then it is easy to remove them – as any other teeth. But in a situation where teeth can not come through at all, or they are stuck in a jaw bone, wisdom teeth removal is complicated. It requires surgery.

Wisdom teeth are not necessary problematic. If they come through – like other teeth, they can last life long without casing any problems. In this case wisdom teeth removal is not needed. But this is a rear case. If person do not have regular dental check ups it can easily happen that this potential problem is neglected. It is possible to experience the pain with wisdom teeth that are still in the jaw bone. That is why regular dental consultations are important – only dentist can recognize this situation. If you don’t see teeth that is troubling you, it is not easy to determine the source of pain. Wisdom teeth that are stuck in a bone can cause a lot of pain. In that case wisdom teeth removal with the surgery is needed. Like any other surgery procedure the best way is to consult oral surgeon and follow his instructions. In most of the cases when patients are below 25 surgeries is recommended. For the patients that are over 30 if the teeth do not cause any pain and if it is completely cowered with the bone – it is better to leave it be and to have regular check ups.

Wisdom teeth removalEven in the situations when wisdom teeth are not causing any pain removal is recommended because they are not so easily accessible and can not be clean properly. This situation can cause very fast decayed. Also, impacted lower wisdom teeth can damage neighbouring teeth and this can result with loss of second molars. Some orthodontist believe that wisdom teeth are responsible for crocked teeth due to the lack of space, so they are recommending wisdom teeth removal as a part of treatment to adjust crocked teeth.

The whole process of wisdom teeth removal is not painful. You will only feel the needle while receiving anaesthesia. After the surgery you will experience the pain – like with any other wound, but that is something that prescribed pain killers will help you with. Also, some swelling is possible in next two days after the surgery. You can expect also blood stained saliva in next three days. You will have to be careful with the food that you are eating and it want be easy to chew food. So, in first days after you had your wisdom teeth removal try to eat liquid food, not to irritate the wound as much as possible.

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