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Hairbrush-Top-Persp-FeaturedAlways buy or select brushes/combs with widely spaced bristles/teeth .And they must have a Smooth tips as sharp tips cause damage to the hairs,scratch your scalp adn increase a risk of split ends.Also the hairbrush must be amkde of natural hard rubber or wood if possible.

There are different types of hairbrushes for different purposes like backcoming,ccutting ,styling etc…Aleays judge for yourself and know hwich hairbrush or comb suites you.Dont limit your comb slecetion,try many and then notice the changes.Also nkep in kind that the combs are meant for differnt purpsoe and brushes are for differnt purpose.



After washing your hairs,don’t brush them immediately.If required then use brushes with very wide spaced bristle as wet hair are weak and tend to break .

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