Weight Loss – Change Your Habits

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Many diets are marketed to make you believe you can do it for the short term and achieve long lasting results. This is simply not true. For a diet to work and not just in the short term, you need to be able to make it part of your lifestyle.

Guilt will only make you feel emotionally heavy and that’s not a good start for losing weight. Do not think of yourself being on a diet. That implies you may come off the diet. Your aim is to change your habits and incorporate these into your daily life – forever!

It’s one thing to lose weight, but how do you keep it off?

To be truly successful in achieving and maintaining long term weight loss you may need to change some of your beliefs and patterns about food and eating. For example, skipping meals will not necessarily lead to weight loss and in fact can increase weight by slowing your metabolism.

Changing Your Dietary Habits

weight loss lifeWhen you have been doing something the same way for a long time, the thought of changing it can be overwhelming at first. Make these changes small and incremental and do not judge yourself for slip-ups these are normal. To begin changing habits you need a starting point.

Select 3 points from the following list that you would be prepared to do over the next two weeks
  • Keep a diet diary
  • Drink 3 more glasses of water per day
  • Switch to a low fat, rice or soy milk
  • Use low fat yoghurt instead of cream or ice-cream
  • Get up a little earlier and have a good breakfast that includes complex carbohydrates and protein
  • Create a positive affirmation and repeat it to yourself at least 10 times per day
  • Engage in 30 minutes of exercise ____ times per week
  • Join an exercise class, walking group or sporting club
  • Eat 2 pieces of fresh fruit per day
  • Change from white bread, pasta and rice to a wholegrain bread, pasta and rice
  • Eat 3 -5 serves of fish per week. Choose from mackeral,tuna, salmon, sardines or other deep sea varieties
Manage Your own Lifestyle 

When you have achieved the above challenge for 2 weeks, try adding another 3 to add to your routine. Each fortnight, pick another 3 items from the list that you are ready to incorporate into your lifestyle.

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