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LYMPH NODES SWELLING AND TONSILLITISInflammation of the tonsils can cause enlarged lymph nodes location in the back of the throat. The sore lymph nodes result from the immune activation of the lymphoid tissue. This occurs in response to invasive bacteria and other organisms that cause problems in the body. It is therefore appropriate to investigate the causes of swollen lymph nodes pain to provide appropriate treatment and manage the disease to prevent further complications.

The tonsils are an essential part of the immune system of the body. When foreign organisms such as bacteria or viruses come in contact with the mouth or other parts of the body, the tonsils and other lymph organs respond to these invaders. This inflammatory response can result in swelling and pain the lymph nodes. The tonsillar pillars are specific types of lymph organs that exist on each side of the back of the throat. Chronically swollen tonsils result from continued immune system activation of cells within this tissue. These collections of immune cells can enlarge rapidly when immune system is activated in order to fight an infections. Overactivation of this inflammatory response can occur with an infection of the tissue with invading organisms.

Other common causes of swollen lymph nodes pain are viruses. There are many different viruses that circulate in humans. Some of them are the typical cold viruses while others are more serious, such as influenza. Others than can infect the tonsils include adenovirus and rhinovirus. Any virus will activate a whole host of different cell types to fight the infection. The memory cells of the immune system will recognize common viruses and then promote growth of the lymph nodes to deal with the viruses. These memory cells activate helper cells, which stimulate plasma cells to produce antibodies to help fight infections.

infectedtonsilsTreatment of the source of the pain in the lymph nodes is the best way to deal with the problem. If the agent is a bacteria, antibiotics can be helpful in reducing the duration of the disease. To provide proper antibiotic treatment, it is necessary to know the different type of bacteria. Not all types of antibiotics will treat all types of bacteria, that is why a culture and sensitivity analysis of the bacteria can be helpful in tailoring the disease. Then the antibiotics can targeted to the specific agent that causes the disease. Also, the chance of developing a resistant organism can be reduced by creating tailored treatment.

Non-pharmacologic treatment include symptomatic treatments. Gargling with salt water can sometimes improve the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes and clean off the exudates to help manage the infection. Other medications such as decongestants can open up with passages and help a person breath easier. Some people experience a cough, which can cause tonsil pain. Cough medicine than be helpful to deal with these symptoms. Enlarged lymph nodes location can therefore be appropritely dealt with and a person can improve their pain and quality of life.

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