Early Period (Early Menstrual Periods)

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Many women suffer from early menstrual periods, it is not uncommon for women to be faced this disturbing problem during the life of their menstrual cycle. Early periods can be a traumatic experience that will grow significantly worse without the proper care. The following article contains useful facts and information regarding early periods.

What Is An Early Period?

Menstrual CycleAdult women and mature teenage girls have recurring menstrual cycles, but in many cases, these cycles have no set patterns and are frequently irregular. The cycle for a woman’s period varies from twenty three to thirty five days, periods are considered to be regular when they occur on, or about the same date every month. As a woman ages, the frequency and flow of her period will change considerably. When this happens, keeping track of the cycle is difficult, as well as frustrating.

Medically known as an anovulation cycle, women who suffer from early menstrual periods do not fully develop and release a mature egg as they normally should each month. Affecting each woman differently, there are various types of early periods.

Types Of Early Periods:

Irregular Periods That Effect The Frequency Of Menstruation:

  • Polymenorrhea are frequent periods with a cycle of twenty one days or less.
  • Oligomenorrhea refers to short or infrequent menstrual periods. Frequency is more than thirty five days between menstruations, and three days or less while menstruating.
  • Amenorrhea is the absence of a period for more than sixty days in women who are still of reproductive age. This type is common throughout pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

Irregular Periods Accompanied By Painful Menstruation:

  • Dysmenorrhea is painful menstruation commonly known as cramps. Women with this type of menstrual period suffer from pain of the lower abdomen or pelvis. The pain of menstruation can range from a sharp and severe ongoing ache, to a sporadic and mild affliction.

Irregular Periods That Affect The Menstrual Flow:

  • Hypomenorrhea is a significant reduction in the menstrual flow, or a period that is shorter than normal.
  • Menorrhagia is an unusually long menstrual cycle with a very heavy flow, and is commonly linked to extraordinarily painful periods known as dysmenorrhoea.


Causes Of Early Periods

The two prevailing causes for early periods are categorized as psychological or physical. Psychological cases are extremely rare, and it is widely excepted that early menstrual periods are triggered by physical causes.

Psychological Causes
Daily doses of high emotional stress, anxiety, fatigue, and overwork are some key factors that can cause early periods. Left uncontrolled, these elements could lead to unstable emotions with negative affects on the female body, which can cause early menstrual periods to occur.

Physical Causes
Physical causes for early periods are more common than psychological causes. Ovulation is regulated by hormones such as estrogen and progesterone during the menstruation cycle. When these hormones reach unbalanced levels, normal ovulation can not take place. Instead, an anovulatory or abnormal menstruation will cause irregular menstrual periods. To control or prevent the onset of early menstrual periods, it is important to maintain a balanced level of healthy hormones.

Controlling Early Periods

The first step in controlling early menstrual periods is to determine if the problem is physical or psychological, you will not get the proper medical treatment until the cause has been identified.

Treatments For Psychological Causes

Early menstrual periods that are caused by psychological emotions such as stress or overwork can be treated with regularly scheduled rest periods, by participating in relaxing activities, and adding moderate exercise programs to your lifestyle. A healthy diet is also highly recommended.

Treatments For Physical Causes

Early menstrual periods are primarily caused by an imbalanced level of hormones that can trigger anovulatory menstrual cycles. It is essential to maintain a balanced level of hormones to help combat early menstrual periods. Many patients find that a balanced combination of physical and psychological treatments is the best way to manage early periods.

Early periods can be successfully controlled with a little comprehensive research and the proper treatments. Many women who suffer from early periods lead healthy, active, and productive lives when they understand what causes them, and when they have acquired the proper treatment.

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