It Is Natural To See A Baby Breast Feeding From Their Mother.

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natural-Breastfeeding-Mom-300x336In a world of digital overload, back to nature seems to be screaming for recognition. One of the most natural of all acts is a baby breast feeding from its mother. There is no better supply of nutrition to a baby.

Life support condition
Human beings are no exception. Women become pregnant every day. By the same token, woman gives birth every hour of everyday, someplace in the world. It is not possible for all of these newborn babies to have access to a baby bottle. For this reason, it is logical to assume a large number of mothers prefer to give life supporting nutrition from their own bodies.
Over the past century, science and industry have united forced and knowledge to duplicate the nutritional value delivered by a mother breast. They have convinced millions, cow’s milk, goat’s milk, and milk from other mammals can do nearly as well. This idea and opinion ignores the basics of human compatibility. Simply put, a baby is feed by its mother for 9 months inside her body. In the vast majority of cases, her body is capable of feeding the same baby after it is born.

Media Bias
Public media has willingly sided with industry, science and many within the academic world. On a daily basis, and sometimes minute by minute attempts are made to sway the female public in a non-natural direction. They are constantly promoting the need to feed a toddler, infant and even newborn, from a bottle. Often claiming their design will “fit as well as a mother’s breast”. Sorry, a mother’s breast was designed for a baby’s mouth.
In many advertisements, new mothers appear to have gained only a few pounds during pregnancy. Yet, looking at new mothers in public, a few pounds is not what was gained. Many relay their concerns for remaining slim, if they ever were, and weight gain during pregnancy is an issue. Most women know eating for two or more will put weight on. It is an injustice perpetrated on the public, by the media, for the purpose of profits, when this fact is ignored.
Pregnant realities for women
Women face a myriad of challenges during and after pregnancy. The female body starts to change from the moment of inception and continues well after delivery of the baby. From the first couple of weeks, clothes began not to fit comfortably. This is only the beginning. For the next 9 months and beyond, will it fit, becomes a regular question.
Mothers nursing a newborn, infant or toddler, must constantly be concerned with the size and condition of her present wardrobe. In most cases, it may take some time to fit back into her former clothing, if ever. She may also be concerned with types and styles of covers she can use when feeding her infant, outside the home.

Open and boldly engaging in baby breast feeding is not one of those socially acceptable things in most parts of the country. What a woman chooses to wear can also complicate the matter. If she does not have a sufficient cover to conceal what she is doing, she can attract not only unwanted attention men and children, but a true tongue lashing from other women. In many cases, other women will more quickly tolerate diaper changing in public, before they will a baby breast feeding.

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