Stop Breastfeeding Quickly For Mothers On The Go With And Child.

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breastfeeding-babyInfants and mother’s share a natural bond usually before child birth. After birth, breastfeeding is the feeding method preferred by many new mothers. Desiring to feel another portion of motherhood, breastfeeding is to be expected. A new mother giving her body’s nutrition is a continuation of the maternal instinct installed by nature. In some parts of the world, breastfeeding is the only option. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to stop breastfeeding quickly.

If it becomes necessary to stop breastfeeding quickly, it can be challenge for any mother. Some nursing mothers take an herbal supplement called, “fenugreek”. Often taken for its ability to substantially boost a mother’s production of milk, quickly becomes a source of regret. A mother boosting her supply of milk with the use of the supplement will suffer a few problems. Sudden change in feeding methods such as stopping nursing of a feeding child leaves breast full of milk. If the infant or child can continue to safely drink its mother’s milk, she would be faced with pumping her breast. By doing so, she will substantially decrease breast pain created b y not breastfeeding. Quickly ending nursing does not stop lactation. The use of production enhancing herbs may be a good idea, as long as nursing, or bottle feeding with mother’s milk. When it is ended gradually or quickly, expressing her milk through a breast pump may be necessary.

Imagine a mother suddenly learning she must stop nursing her infant immediately. Regardless of the reason, the impact on her will be enormous. If she is the mother of twins, or more, her burden is compounded. The suddenness of stopping cannot help but have an effect on the emotional well being of both mother and child.

Weaning slowly at the pace and will of the infant or child, is advisable when possible. If it’s not possible, use of a breast pump to supply mother’s milk for her infant, may not totally satisfy an unhappy infant. Loss of contact with the mother is not likely to be ignored by an infant or toddler. Terminating nursing abruptly can be as simple as refusing to supply a breast to a demanding and hungry infant mouth. In such an instance, fully rejecting a bottle may occur. But, the baby will eventually take the bottle, if for no other reason than it’s too hungry to keep crying and not eat. Listening to a hungry crying baby will not be enjoyable, but both mother and child will survive.

Women’s breast are not only designed for the benefit of the male optical nerves. They are perfectly engineered to serve their functional purpose of a comfortably and effectively feeding an infant or small child. When the feeding process must be terminated abruptly, there is no proven easy or simple method. A mother can try different methods by interrupting her feeding process with introductions of a bottle. She also may use steadily increasing periods of denying her breast as the source of food to her child or infant. Either course of action requires anticipating a sudden end to nursing. With either decision, the objective to stop breastfeeding quickly will be accomplished.

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