A Quick Overview Of Breast Lift Surgery: Get Your Breasts In Shape!


Various factors can affect the shape and look of your breasts. From hormonal changes and aging, to weight fluctuations and pregnancy, the reasons can vary. You may realize that your breasts don’t feel as supple, shapely, and firm as before, and there can be noticeable difference in size too. Thanks to cosmetic treatments, you don’t have to live with these changes. There are known clinics that offer breast lift surgery in Conroe, but before you take the leap, here are some aspects worth knowing.

What exactly is a breast lift?

This is a kind of cosmetic surgery that’s aimed at restoring the firmness of breasts. Note that this is not same as breast augmentation. The latter aims at altering the size of the breasts, but breast lift surgery focuses more on the shape.

Is breast lift right for me?

Aging is often the foremost cause of sagging breasts. If you feel that your breasts don’t feel as perky and shapely as before, you can consider a breast lift. For most women, sagging breasts affect self-esteem and how they feel about themselves. Women with bigger breasts have concerns like too much bounce, which breast lift can fix. If there is any change in shape or volume of your breast, this kind of cosmetic surgery should help.

To sum up, you should consider a breast lift, if –

  • You would want more cleavage
  • You are not happy with the shape of your breasts
  • You are feeling too conscious of the recent changes
  • You need to boost your appearance

The process of getting a breast lift

Every case is different, so your doctor/cosmetic surgeon will consider a whole list of factors before agreeing or suggesting a breast lift technique. The shape and size of your breasts, the size of areolas, loss of volume and elasticity are some aspects to consider. A breast lift surgery is done under anesthesia, so there is little discomfort or pain. There are different kinds of breast lifts. For instance, if you have minimal sagging, crescent lift is more idea. For reducing the size of your areolas, you can consider peri-areolar lift. The more-used kind of breast lift is called the lollipop lift, which requires two incisions and is ideal for moderate sagging. The process can take around two hours, but you don’t need to stay back. The soreness/bruising, if any, will heal in a couple of weeks.

Check for known clinics to find about breast lift surgery.