Can CBD Oil Help in Treating Psoriasis, an Autoimmune Disease?


Psoriasis is a kind of chronic auto immune inflammation which is characterized by accelerated cycle of growth of skin cell.

Any healthy person who does not suffer from psoriasis will have mature skin cells that will appear on surface of the skin about once in a month to make room for new cells. However, people with psoriasis will see that their skin cells change at least once every 2 weeks.

This cycle of accelerated cell division is the consequence of excessive activity of immune system which keeps sending signals about infection of cells causing excessive growth in the skin cells.

Psoriasis is quite common autoimmune disease

Cause of this skin disease is still unknown. Following are few causes believed by researchers:

  1. Immune system disorder may activate reaction in skin cells to accelerate its cycle.
  2. Psoriasis can also be a heredity problem.
  3. Longer exposure to stress hormone cortisol
  4. Few environmental influence
  5. Inadequate diet

About 4% of people in the western countries particularly in North Europe are affected by psoriasis.

Various symptoms of psoriasis

Most commonly psoriasis is expressed with

  1. Red eczema having silver lining
  2. Also, in other colors like pink or brown.
  3. Knees, elbows and edge of scalp where it may look like dandruff are most common places it can manifest.

The white scales or flakes are due to excessive division of skin cell, that may also develop 10 times faster at the inflammation site.

Psoriasis treatment

Proper cure is still unknown for psoriasis, but following few therapies can alleviate its symptoms.

  1. By using ointment and creams, its long-term use can affect the skin negatively.
  2. Few home-based treatments like moderate exposure to sun and healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  3. By minimizing stress
  4. Balanced and healthy diet.

Caring for any psoriasis-affected skin

Those suffering from psoriasis must do the following:

  1. Use gentle soaps or gels which respect pH level of the skin
  2. Occasional oil bath
  3. Regular care by using oil and natural butter that support skin renewal cycle
  4. Regularly using special kind of ointments like CBD lotion can help reduce or severely restrict frequency of such psoriasis outbreak.

Relief from psoriasis by using CBD

One of the best features of CBD are its anti-inflammatory property and its support for immune system. We have our own internal endocannabinoid having receptors that can bind endocannabinoids, to maintain harmony in organism.

The endocannabinoid system can also be part of the skin which means endocannabinoid receptors on our skin provide therapeutic effect for various skin problems.

All these conclusions are also supported by various studies which indicate great potential of this Phyto-cannabinoids to fight against various skin problems like psoriasis.