Cannabis: Explore the Different Flavors you can try


Cannabis is abundant in flavor, which makes it a food-friendly herb. Chefs across the country tap into the broad spectrum of aromas and flavors and infuse them into their signature dishes. In fact, many chefs consider cannabis as the main cooking ingredient. If you are considering cooking with cannabis, here are some tips that may help you achieve your goals:

Choose the Right Recipe

There are many easy cannabis recipes you can find online; however, you must choose the right one for you. Look for a series of recipes that include butter, olive oil, or coconut oil. When drawn to fats and oils, the THC and other compounds in cannabis become active. Because the majority of recipes include these ingredients, you have endless options. Easy recipe ideas include salads with an infused salad dressing, pancakes, sauces like pesto, buttered toast, and others.

Pick the Strain

If you have a recipe in hand, you know the flavors to look for when searching for the best cannabis strain to elevate your meal. Determine the most prominent flavor in the dish and match the characteristics to the terpene profile of the strain. Your options in terms of terpenes to pair with include jasmine and ginger, tropical notes and mixed herbs, as well as cloves and cooking spices.

When buying through a dispensary, ensure to work with your budtender to see samples and ask what shake or trim they have for purchase. Just ensure to be aware of the costs. Often, trim or shake costs far less than full flower buds.  Also, pick a strain according to your meal’s intention. If you want to feel energized and entertain guests, choose a Sativa. If you wish to relax, fall asleep, or unwind, go for an Indica.

Make the Infusion

You need to buy a high-quality product to infuse. Avoid the cheapest butter or olive oil you can find at the grocery store. When making the infusion, decarboxylate your cannabis first. This means releasing the carboxylic acid from the THC to activate the weed. You can achieve this by exposing dry cannabis to heat around 250 degrees F for 30 to 60 minutes. Keep temperatures low to prevent burning off desirable terpene characteristics. The next step is to infuse the oil or butter. Make a huge batch to use creatively across your series of recipes. After creating the infusion, determine the time you will be serving the meal.

Start Cooking

You will need useful tools such as measuring spoons, salad dressing mixer, measuring cups, a big mixing bowl, a container for leftovers, and others. Usually, a teaspoon of butter or oil equals a serving of 5 mg to 10 mg depending on the strain’s potency.