Dental Implants: A Detailed Analysis

Dental Care

You have no doubt heard the term “dental implants”, and if you are far from clear what this innovative treatment entails, this article was written with you in mind. Simply put, dental implants offer a permanent solution to missing teeth, and whether you have lost a single tooth, or would like to replace a set of dentures, dental implants are the perfect solution.

Titanium Pins

The anchor for the prosthetic tooth is provided by a special “screw-in” titanium pin, and the reason titanium is the preferred metal lies in its ability to bond well with human bone and tissue. The bonding takes a few months, so after the pins have been inserted, you can take a holiday in Thailand, before returning to the clinic to have the crown fitted. This type of dental implant is called an endosteal implant, and the majority of patients have suitable jawbone qualities to have the treatment, yet, in some cases, another form of implants, namely subperiosteal implants, can be used.

Subperiosteal Implants

This involves attaching a thin wire framework to the gums, which is supported by a post, and as the framework bonds with the gums, it provides a suitable anchor for the prosthetic tooth. When a patient does not have adequate bone structure in their jaw, they could opt for a bone augmentation treatment, which involves grafting a small piece of bone from the hip area, otherwise subperiosteal implants are the solution. Finding a dental clinic in Bangkok is never an issue if you carry out an online search, and the expert can decide which type of implants is the most suitable.

Zygomatic Implants

This is one way of having implants fitted if a person does not have adequate jawbone structure, and it involves having the implants inserted into the cheekbone, which is a rather complex procedure. This treatment is rarely recommended, and is really a last resort if the jawbone structure is inadequate, which the dentist would explain.

3D Imaging

This technology allows the dentist to see a three-dimensional image of a person’s jaw, and that helps them to plan the best procedure. The best clinics in Bangkok all offer 3D imaging, and this really does ensure precision pin placement for the best results.


This is the term used for a multi-pin insertion that will accommodate a complete set of upper or lower teeth, as one would have when replacing traditional dentures, and with four pins in both the upper and lower jaw, a temporary set of prosthetic teeth would be inserted, and after a few months, the permanent set are fitted, which completes the treatment. This is a very popular treatment among older people who wear dentures, and once the treatment is complete, the patient has a permanent set of teeth that can be brushed and flossed as regular teeth.

Of course, one has to be very selective about what one eats while wearing the temporary set of teeth, which is something the dentist would discuss with you, and when the titanium pins have bonded with the bone and tissue, the permanent set of teeth can be fitted and the treatment is complete.

A good dentist also need to be able to communicate this information in an understandable way for their patients. According to Tolley Dental of Winchester, In order for them to do this job well, they should also have excellent people skills.