Did You Know that Stem Cells Help in Curing Back Pain? Here’s More You should Know


Chronic back pain is one of the most common complaints by people. It can take place at any age but is very common after you turn 30 and increases as you age. Degenerative disc disease tend to impact a lot of people. The disc is the shock absorber that is placed between the vertebrae in front of the spine. Discs are very much like jelly donuts. They have an external part known as the annulus which is very much like a tire. It is a series of connective tissue layers that connect to the adjacent vertebrar and support the spine as well. The nucleus is the central component of the disc that gives the shock absorber effect. It contains proteins that attract fluid. The disc generation causes a loss of the fluid part of the disc that reduces the height of the disc by 1 to 2 mm, hence making older people shorter. This causes inflammation in the adjacent vertebrae. It also stresses on the small joints in the back of the spine known as facet joints that lead to osteoarthritis.

The risks associated with disc regeneration and facet joint osteoarthritis are very much similar to arthritis caused in the joints like knees and hips. This is probably because of genetics. We are programmed in such a way that our discs wear out. The injuries can damage the joints and/or the facet joints that triggers the degenerative process. Tasks that stress out the joints like repetitive lifting can cause disc degeneration and on the joints as well. Being overweight is also one of the reasons that put stress on the spine that can accelerate or cause degeneration. With the help of research and development, you can now Treat back pain with stem cells.

Stem cell therapy is a process where it uses patient’s own healing capacity to treat the degenerative disc disorder and arthritis. Cells are taken from the person’s bone marrow or fat tissue and the injected into the facet joints and discs. The stem cells can reduce the inflammation in the joints and discs and can trigger healing or degeneration which relieves the pain. This treatment is still in the experiment mode but the studies have proven it to be successful. Future research will give us better understanding and insight into how stem cell therapy works and the best method to perform the therapy.