Do Keratin Hair Products Work as Good as Professional Treatment


From silky straight hair to the glam look showing volume most of the time people opt for keratin treatment or use keratin products at home. Most of the salons in UK right now offer various types of keratin treatment as a part of the hair service catalogue. Yes, you might be shocked to check the price but it is worth every penny.

On the other hand, most of the keratin hair care products will have amino acids, where keratin is the active ingredient. Also, there are several companies which sell authentic keratin oil. In case, you are wondering if you can skip the pricey salon treatments and try at home keratin options how will you benefit. Let us read the article and understand how to leverage it.

Buying keratin products

Keratin products are always high in demand and people opt for it frequently. Since there is a rise in demand, there are several fake ones in the market. Always remember bio-chemical composition that forms a coating on your hair does not come cheap. Hence, companies giving big discounts should be avoided. Moreover, you must shop keratin products only after checking the ingredients. Additionally, do not forget to check for customer reviews.

Understanding keratin

Keratin is the most important protein found in nail, hair and skin and is a free occurring protein. Most of hair composition is made up various types of keratin. Both the exterior and the interior layers have keratin as the building blocks.

Hence, when it depletes it leaves the hair lifeless and dull. Loss of keratin happens over time and when you mistreat your hair. It is always advised to use hair protection whenever you are using heating tools and stepping out.

Understanding salon keratin treatments

Needless to say, salon treatments will always be different from home care products. In a salon, a stylist gives a specialized keratin treatment as per your problem. If necessary, good salons tend to give a customized keratin treatment plan depending on intensity of the damage.

The process starts by applying liquid keratin coupled with biochemical preservatives. It is let to sit on for several hours, so that the cuticle absorbs it completely. Thereafter, blow drying takes place. Now, if you want your hair to be straight the stylist will give you a flat iron treatment, otherwise not.

Keratin products

There is good news for you. You can still get similar type of hair smoothening and strengthening qualities once you start using keratin products. Most of these products are fraction of the cost of the treatment and can be continued throughout to get desired results.