Don’t Like Smoking The Pot? Consider Cannabis Edibles Instead!


The market for cannabis products has expanded extensively in recent years. In the US, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana, while 11 states have approved recreational use. If you are not a fan of smoking the pot, your next best alternative is cannabis edibles. There are varied types of edibles available in the market, and in this post, we are discussing some of the aspects worth knowing.

What exactly are cannabis edibles?

As the name indicates, cannabis edibles are infused with cannabis. These are often used by patients and people who do not like smoking or vaping. There are all kinds of edibles in the market today, designed and made from different strains, to offer desired results. More studies have revealed the side effects of smoking, which is the precise reason why popularity of cannabis edibles has increased manifold. Edibles pass through the digestive system, and therefore, you may not get an instant high as with smoking or vaping. This also, however, has an advantage – the effects of cannabis edibles last much longer. Edibles take a while to kick in, so go slow with your first dosage. It can take anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to see the effects.

Benefits of cannabis edibles

The best part of cannabis edibles is the ability to consume cannabis on the go. You don’t need a vaping pen or anything other product to use these edibles, and these can be used and consumed discreetly. Also, the effect takes longer to set in, but you can experience the high for a much longer time. Edibles are suited for most people, even older patients and those who cannot smoke or vape for various reasons.

What are the types of cannabis edibles?

You can buy all kinds of cannabis edibles – brownies, crisps, sweet treats and gummies. There are also cannabis-infused drinks, and you can also check for candies, caramels and other products. You can alternatively choose to bake your own brownies at home using cannabis concentrates, or cannabis-infused butter. There are numerous recipes online, but make sure that you use the right kind of concentrate and strain to get the desired effects.

Final words

Don’t shy away from cannabis edibles and start slow. Buy your edibles from a store you can rely on, and talk to the budtenders to know the options they have in stock. Knowing the expected effects only helps in using these edibles more responsibly.