Five Awesome Benefits of Bicep Curls


Although there are unlimited amounts of exercises that can be done to strengthen the muscles of the body, some are quite popular including bicep curls. This exercise is famous because of the many benefits that it offers. Although the bicep curl can be useful to improve your physique, you need to consult with a doctor before you start any exercise routine, especially if you have some medical problems. Below are the major benefits of bicep curls:

Tone the Muscles

Bicep curls are essential exercises that can help tone the arms. As the biceps are highly visible, your bicep training will significantly affect the look of your arms.  Fitness experts emphasize that working the biceps can help contribute to a tighter, more defined look for the arms. Most body builders combine bis and tris for massive arm development.

Strengthen Elusive Muscles

While the bicep curls are mainly targeting the biceps, it also works some other muscles including the brachialis and the brachioradialis. The brachialis is located under the bicep while the brachioradialis is located in the forearm. As these muscles are responsible for one movement, only a limited number of exercises can be effective at strengthening them. The bicep curl will let you target such muscles without resorting to exercises you are not familiar with.

Aid in Shoulder Stability

Biceps have two points of origin in the shoulder area. Their short head originates at the top of the shoulder blades and the long head just above the shoulder joint. That is why the biceps can help the rotator cuff to ensure the stability of the shoulder, especially through the shoulder area. The stability the cuffs let you move the shoulders through its full range of motion.

Aid in Shoulder Rehab

Aside from being an elbow flexor, the biceps also play a secondary role in shoulder flexion. The muscles in the biceps are used to help your anterior deltoid, which is the shoulder’s front, when you lift your shoulders into flexion. Moreover, as the load is in front of the shoulders, the muscles of the lower traps and rhomboids work to prevent the shoulder from rolling forward while you perform the curls.

You Need Strong Biceps to Perform Exercises

Bigger triceps and biceps assist in a lot of lifts that are fundamental for strength sports. Also, they play a role in exercises like vertical and horizontal rows, pull-ups, and chin-ups as the secondary muscles behind the primary muscles of the shoulders and upper back. If your biceps are weak, it will be hard for your bigger back muscles to do their job. And when your biceps give out before your back muscles do, you fail to maximize the best of their ability. Having strong biceps will help in terms of building a strong and muscular upper back. Moreover, a biceps tendon rupture is an injury that deadlifters and Olympic lifters often experience. Strong biceps ensure the elbow joint will not move excessively while a person deadlifts heavy, particularly when using a mixed grip. A strong bicep does not entirely stop tendon tears; however, it plays an important role in its prevention.

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