General Information on Teenage Drug Addiction


Today drug addiction is prevailing quite largely playing havoc in the life of its users. Moreover, if the user is your child, a teenager then as a parent you are quite stressed and ready to find a means to solve this issue.

The only effective solution is contacting a good rehab center. When you find signs of teen drug abuse, it is best to act fast and call on reliable rehab centers specially taking care of teenagers like On Belay House Anthony Louis Center.

Consider the signs indicating your teenage child may be indulging in drugs:

  • Your child is getting constantly low grades. This might mean that your child is taking drugs. They may be skipping classes often and even find excuses for not attending classes on a regular basis. However, something must be bothering your child that needs to be found and solved.
  • Irrational behavior: This is sure sign of your child facing psychological symptoms. They laugh or get angry without any reason are irritated the whole time, feel disturbed and remain moody. Time to openly talk with your child.

  • Not bothered about their physical appearance: Yes, your child won’t think twice in wearing the same used clothes many times or does not maintain hygiene. This unusual behavior happens because the drugs is gradually clogging their mind, thus they are unable to think clearly.
  • Sleeping pattern and eating schedule changes. Either they have sound sleep or they don’t. Your child will often feel hungry. They feel tired all the time and thus they will not be able to focus on studies.
  • Often endure some mild sickness. Their eyes are bloodshot as if they haven’t slept for many days, feel feverish and have headache often. They feel nauseated and experience dizziness.

When a parent finds that their child is depend on drugs, try talking to him/her as a friend. They can ask the child queries to know more about the trouble and wrong doing of their child without judging them. Parents usually shriek and punish their child severely when they find the teenager is a drug dependent. Teen child will withdraw and may fall in trap to other drastic means that may end their life.

Make sure to avoid such dramatic situations at home and provide full support to your child all the way possible for you as a parent. A good rehab centers will provide you all the help required for your child to get rid of drugs soon and be their own self again. Addiction needs to be recognized and cured as early as possible.

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