Get Back in Shape and Regain Your Confidence by Undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery


Brazilian butt lift is one of the cosmetic procedures that has gained a lot of buzz in the recent years. One of the factors for a well-proportioned body is the proportion of butts. The procedure involves fat transferring techniques which results fuller buttocks. Without the use of implants, the size and shape of buttocks is augmented by removing excess fat from thighs, hips, lower back or abdomen and transferred into the buttocks.

Choosing a surgeon:

A skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon helps the person lose fat in the problem areas whilst enhancing the buttocks. If you are looking for skilled surgeons who does Brazilian butt lift in Fort Lauderdale reach out to Vanguard Aesthetics. They have a history of delivering fantastic results. Book a consultation with them to know more about the procedure.

Brazilian butt lift procedure:

The process has typically three steps. The fat is removed from certain areas using liposuction. This extracted fat is purified prior to transfer. The fat is now injected into particular points of the buttocks.

Benefits of Brazilian Butt lift procedure:

  • Natural looking results unlike other cosmetic surgeries
  • Addresses age-related issues like shapelessness and sagging
  • You don’t have to worry about figure imbalances that prevents you from wearing your favourite clothing
  • Low risk of infection than silicone buttocks implants
  • Enhance the body’s overall proportion
  • Safer than other buttocks surgeries

Side effects of Brazilian Butt lift:

It has comparatively less risks than silicone buttocks implants.  Its side effects include infection, scarring, pain, lumps in the injected or suctioned areas, infection in the treated area leading to loss of skin. When performed incorrectly, the injected fat seeps through the buttocks veins and moves to the lungs. Usually there are steps taken during the procedure to minimize the risks.

Recovering after the surgery:

There may be swelling for few weeks. Though pain levels are minimal, you would be advised against sitting or lying on your buttocks for 2 weeks after the procedure. After that you can sit using a modified seat in a particular position. It takes about 8 weeks to resume normal activity. You’ll be able to return to work in 2 weeks.

The entire result can be seen within 6 months after surgery and the treatment lasts for years. This complex procedure requires great attention to detail by the surgeon. It is essential to research well before deciding on the cosmetic surgeon.