Helping your Child Maintain Good Oral Hygiene


In terms of the health of your kid’s primary teeth, you want to help them practice good oral hygiene as early as possible. A pediatric dentist makes sure the primary teeth of your child stay healthy and free of decay and other dental issues. They can work with you in creating a good oral hygiene routine for your child. Read on to know how you can keep your child’s oral health in the best condition possible:

Incorporating Dental Hygiene Regimen

Good oral hygiene begins as early as infancy. Whether you are bottle-feeding or nursing, you must incorporate some kind of dental hygiene regimen as soon as possible. Before the eruption of any teeth, make sure to wipe down your child’s gum with a soft, wet washcloth or gauze. As teeth start to come in, keep them clean. You will need to use the right tool for this daily ritual, including a toothbrush designed specifically for babies. The toothbrush must have a much smaller head for your child’s tiny mouth.

Starting Dental Visits

Ensure your child has their dental visits by the time they turn one-two years of age. Their dentist will keep their teeth healthy by removing plaque build-up and food debris that may be stuck in their teeth. This dental care practice prevents the continuous growth of bacteria that may result in other dental issues like gum tissue inflammation and tooth decay. Ensure to make every dentist visit a fun adventure that offers some kind of tooth-friendly reward.

Taking Care of your Child’s Teeth at Home

Your child’s dentist will provide you with some professional tips to maintain your child’s good oral health at home. This includes proper flossing and brushing of your child’s teeth. Also, the dentist may offer additional information depending on the condition of your child’s teeth.

Moreover, the dentist may also address other topics such as your child’s eating habits and what you must do to help protect your child’s teeth and gums. In general, you must not feed your child foods rich in sugar and starch. Also, your child must not go to sleep while nursing or with milk or juice in their bottle.

The primary teeth of your little one are important. Developmental stages imperative to the future dental health of your child depends on them. Dentists for kids offer you  a guide for oral care so your child will have great dental hygiene as they mature.