Important Things to Know about Behavioral and Mental Health Issues


Identifying the difference between expected behaviors and signs of mental illness is not always easy. It is often difficult to test whether a person’s actions and behaviors are typical or result from a physical illness.

People in Olathe, KS who are suffering from any type of mental health or behavioral health issues should not be afraid to reach out. Learning all they can about mental health is a significant first step. Then, they should seek treatment from a reputable medical institution that specializes in behavioral-health in Olathe, KS. Whether a person is suffering from malfunctions in their brain or body, they must get proper diagnosis and treatment. A lot of early fatalities are also attributed to mental illness in the form of suicide.

Behavioral Health Versus Mental Health

Behavioral health refers to the link between the health and well-being of the body and mind. This can include everything from eating habits to drinking habits, exercise, and different mental health challenges. It can extend to psychiatric conditions, addiction treatments, as well as marriage and family counseling.

Behavioral health and mental health have distinct differences. Mental health is only one aspect of the bigger category of behavioral health. It can include a variety of factors like physiological state, biology, and habits. Behavioral health concentrates on how habits are impacting a person’s overall physical and mental well-being.

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral services are designed to help people live healthier lives in regard to their body, mind, and overall health. Depending on their individual challenges, there are different services they might need. The services are meant to assist with different challenges including depression, anxiety, drug use, weight loss, drinking, and more. A patient’s problem will determine the most relevant kind of healthcare provider and service. Below are some services that people can tap into through a behavioral health program:

  • Psychiatrists. These medical doctors can help with various challenges including child and adolescent psychiatric challenges, addiction psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry. They can offer prescriptions to assist with the healing the process if necessary.

  • Psychologists. These professionals work in clinical, counseling, or research setting. They specialize in diagnosing and offering psychotherapy to assist patients’ healing.
  • Social workers. These professionals offer often offer services in administrative positions with programs and institutions to assist people. They may focus on health and substance abuse, schools, families, children, or medical and health.
  • Licensed counselors. They often specialize in psychotherapy and may concentrate on certain behavioral health areas like substance abuse or marriage issues.