The Protective Mask Rules: 4 Things That You Should Keep In Mind


Face masks, especially the ones with triple layers and removable filters offer 97% protection against droplets containing the novel coronavirus, according to the experts. However, it’s up to you to optimize the benefits of the mask and prevent contracting the disease. With disposable masks, however, there’s only one rule – dispose of them properly after a single use, as they won’t be able to protect you if you use them repeatedly.

But with the reusable earloop mask, you should keep certain things in mind while wearing them and sanitizing them after. Scroll on!

Sanitize them after every use

You should sanitize your reusable mask every time after using them with an alcohol-based sanitizer, UV light, or the dishwasher. If you forget to sanitize them, chances are, the germs and microorganisms that have accumulated on the surface will remain there and infect you when you put the mask on again. If you have extra filters, change them regularly to ensure maximum protection against the virus.

Don’t wash the filters

There’s a reason why you have been provided with more than one filter for use. Don’t try to wash them, as they will lose their filtrating properties then. If possible, buy an extra set of filters once you have finished with the ones already provided in the package. Otherwise, you can buy another mask, as a new set of filters will come with it.

Don’t touch the outside surface of the mask

All the germs and microorganisms settle on the front side of the mask, so you should never touch that surface, as you may contract an infection. If you need to take the mask off, hold the ear loops, and carefully take it off without touching anywhere else. However, it’s best if you don’t take the mask off in a crowded place. Always find a quiet place to take it off and drink water, have food, or do what’s necessary.

Darker shades don’t provide extra protection

A rumor about masks is, the ones of darker shades provide more protection than the lighter ones. But there’s no truth to this claim. Any mask, if it’s meant for protection against the virus and is used properly, will offer maximum protection. However, you can always have color preferences, and if a black medical mask appeals to you the most, go for it.

It’s best not to opt for cheaper products when it’s a matter of life or death. If investing a little more on protective equipment can save you and your family members from the virus, it’s 100% worth every penny you spend. So make the choice accordingly.