Three Tips to Prevent Getting a Headache when Vaping


The introduction of salt-based vape liquids has changed the vaping world on a profoundly. People who crave the buzz can get satisfaction without the harshness associated with juices that have freebase nicotine. But, some users experience headaches when vaping nic salts vape juice for some reason. But, while this experience is not true to all users, you will want to know how to avoid getting headaches when vaping.

Below are some helpful tips to prevent getting a headache when vaping:

Stay Hydrated

Vaping heavily can result in moderate dehydration. Nicotine and propylene glycol (PG) can dehydrate the body if you consume them in huge quantities. As salt nicotine vape juices have higher nicotine levels and PG, make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day. If you are dehydrated, you might feel a headache. If you experience headaches when you take a few hits from the pod device, you might solve the problem by consuming more water.

Stop Chain Vaping

Salt-based e-juice has a high level of nicotine. That is why users can easily get a headache when are they chain-vaping. Chain vaping means vaping constantly throughout the day. When using a sub-ohm device like a standard box mod, avoid taking constant hits from the device. But, salt nic vape juice is more potent when it comes to nicotine content. Thus, this kind of vape style can result in a headache as a result of too much nicotine running through the bloodstream. Chain-vaping can also cause other symptoms such as increased heart rate, dizziness, a jittery feeling. Stopping chain vaping will help you avoid experiencing any of these symptoms.

Lower the Nicotine Level

When the market introduced the salt nicotine vape juice, the latter had a 5% concentration. But, many brands now have made nicotine salt juices with various strengths.  If you have nicotine sensitivity, it might be best to choose a lower nicotine concentration level to avoid getting a headache. In general, the ideal concentration for salt-based nic juice is 3%. Make sure to find your sweet spot to make sure you feel great about every vape session.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will enjoy your nicotine salts without worrying about having a headache. With the continuous popularity of vaping, there will be more device systems that can handle nicotine salts. In turn, this will help users find the salt-based vape juice that works for their vape preferences.