Treat bed-wetting in children with urologists in san antonio


If your child has bed-wetting issues, it is important to consult san antonio urologists. In this article, you will learn about the causes of bed-wetting and how to treat it.

What is Bed-Wetting?

Bed-wetting is a condition in which a child urinates in his or her sleep. It is also called nocturnal enuresis, and it is normal for children to wet the bed until about age 5 or 6. Bed-wetting can be caused by a number of factors. In most cases, it’s not serious and can be treated by your child’s pediatrician or urologist with simple interventions such as behavioral techniques and bladder retraining.

If your child continues to wet the bed after age 6, talk to his or her doctor about whether further evaluation may be necessary.

Why Do Children Wet the Bed?

Bed-wetting may be caused by a medical condition, psychological problem, or physical problem. When you visit your doctor’s office for a consultation about bed-wetting, he or she will ask you questions about your child’s history and then perform an examination. They may also order tests to help evaluate the problem.

Bed wetting in children is a common condition. The problem manifests itself through the involuntary loss of urine during sleep, often without the child being aware of it. Approximately 10% to 15% of all school-aged children wet the bed at least occasionally, while 5% to 7% have frequent problems with nocturnal enuresis (NE).

What is the Cause of Bed-Wetting in Children?

It’s also important to note that bed-wetting is often a sign of other problems. If your child is not being successful in potty training, there may be something holding them back. This could be due to a physical issue, such as a urinary tract infection or an allergy that affects their bladder control. It could also be related to psychological issues like anxiety or stress.

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Bed-wetting is a common problem in children. It is important to know how to treat bed-wetting in children and how to choose the right treatment option for them. Here, we have discussed some of the most effective methods of treating bed-wetting in children. If your child still has problems with bed-wetting despite using these methods, consult san antonio urologists today!