Vape Devices: All You Need To Know!


Orange, blueberry, vanilla cream – the distinctive flavours of vape juices have created a market of their own. Vaping as a culture has become so predominant that it almost seeps in everywhere today. And with technology at hand, the vape devices too haven’t been left behind. New age vape devices come in a variety of designs and features that one cannot fall short of their choices when buying one. From battery operated to solar insulated, colourful graphics to simple suede – the choices are unlimited.

With the introduction of Suorin Air too new waves have been created on how classic a vaping device can be. From sleek designs to ultra modern, here are some ideas on what you need to know before you buy one!

Pick a stylish vape device

Vape devices create a statement. It would be wrong to ignore the style of the device for the features. Of course features are what make the experience, but without the right it shall get boring too. Pick the vape device as per your personality and usage. There are classic sleeks, giant pieces, quirky designs and even tech-oriented designs to match the needs of the customers.

Battery – is important!

No matter what design or size you choose, battery is one of the key elements to look for in the vape device. The device shall work depending on the strength of the battery. The batter should not be less then 400mAH and can go up to 1200 mAh. If one needs more powerful than this – it works best too!

Activation system

Most of the vape device activation systems are button operated. After pressing the button it takes about a minute for the device to heat up and start producing the vapours. But with introduction of new devices the draw activation system has shown its presence where one needs to take a few drags to slowly activate the device and keep vaping. It is one of the safest methods of activation bringing in easy usage too. Plus the activation gets faster too.


Vape devices need not be heavy. As it is going to stay in your hand for long and has to be used while on the go – pick one that is lightweight and easy to carry. Even the size should be something that easily fits into pockets and is easy to carry around.

Taking in easy replacement of cartridges – the vaping devices have become smart too. Its time you make a smart choice for digging into vape culture with exquisite happiness!