3 Cannabis Concentrates You Can Try Apart from Joints and Bongs


Cannabis concentrates aren’t for the weak heart. If you feel too high from the joint, you may not want to try the concentrates. They have THC more than 4 times the joints and it may set you off so high if you are not a regular user. But for the pros, here are the latest cannabis concentrates in Phoenix you can try.

  1. Hash

This is the oldest cannabis concentrate. In Arabic, it means grass or assassin. This concentrate is made by rubbing the plant in your hands until you get all the resin in your palms and fingers. The resin is rolled into balls called charas which is then added to the joints or pipes for getting a stronger high. Today, hash is made using sieves which is called drysifting. If you have used grinder before, you may know this method. The powder left at the bottom of the grinder is called kief. Then you need to heat and compress the kief into a block shape for making hash. Hash is a milder concentrate but has twice or thrice the level of THC than the traditional plant.

  1. Vapes

The expansion of concentrates in the market is because of vaping. As vapers don’t need the burning plant process, vape users can prevent the harmful effects from the smoking. The moment you burn the plants, you take in the cannabis but also other toxins. This lead to breathing issues and sometimes even cancer. In other words, vaping is the best. Another benefit for not burning the plant is the odor that it gives away. You may love the odor of a burning joint, but others may not. Vapor is that pungent than smoke, in other words, vaping leaves less of the odor for those around you as well. For getting high with vape, you need THC vape juice. This is concentrated THC mixed with propylene glycol and flavoring. THC vape juices have 90 percent THC content.

  1. Tinctures

Tinctures are really convenient way to use the cannabis and are easily sold in dropper bottle that has a combination of alcohol and THC extract. As they are easy to use and dose on, tinctures are rare to find. Many people go for CBD tinctures that are low on THC content to attain the medicinal advantages of the cannabis with no high. Tinctures also have the advantage of being instant to act and is also highly versatile. You can also add tinctures to most food and beverages and hence they become edibles.

Cannabis Beverages are on the rise as cannabis becomes more mainstream in North America. These drinks provide a new consumption experience for consumers and are becoming a new way to integrate cannabis into daily life.