General Cannabis Dosage Guidelines – Helps to Avoid Uncomfortable High


Nearly every marijuana user has at some point experienced an uncomfortable high. It is the consequence of consuming cannabis products high in THC levels via oral ingestion or smoking or vaporizing. Fortunately, you can easily avoid such uneasy experiences by following proper cannabis dosage guidelines.

Cannabis effects depend on three factors

  • Dosage – The type and number of cannabinoids used. For example, 10MG THC edible are regarded as a single serving size .
  • User’s tolerance level – Every user endocannabinoid system and brain functions differently. From the above example, users with high tolerance or more medical needs will require 10+MG THC edibles for a single serving.
  • The existing condition of the user – The user’s emotional and mental state instantly before and during use can impact the cannabis effects.

Latter both factors differ in every user, so they cannot be effectively controlled. You can certainly control your dosage. The dosage will also vary with every kind of consumption method. Consumption method also impacts the body in different ways and rates.

General dosage guidelines

An exact recommendation is not possible from the dosage viewpoint and strain selection. Besides, every user ECS interacts differently with cannabis. Moreover, the same strain can have different phenotypes.

For example, the recent ‘Sour Diesel’ strain you purchased recently can have a little different cannabinoid composition in comparison to the last batch, even if the strain name is the same.

As cannabis is legal only at the state level, it is banned at the federal level, so genetic testing and research necessary to regulate medical marijuana are impossible.

A golden rule of thumb is to start ‘SLOW’. Users can consume more but it is difficult to reduce the dosage over time. As you recognize your personal tolerance and accessories necessary, dosage becomes easy.


Smoking effects are felt instantly and dosage control is easy. Beginners can choose 1 or 2 inhalations from a bong, pipe, blunt, or a joint to experience the potent effects of THC. Users with high tolerance will need more hits to attain the same effects.


Vaping involves heating concentrates and buds to a specific temperature. It activates the cannabinoids stored in trichomes, which turns into vapor without combustion of plant material. Vaping is just like smoking…..effects can be experienced instantly! Novice users can start with a couple of inhalations from vaporizers while experienced users will need more hits.

Edibles & cannabis oil

Edibles like food and drinks are infused with cannabinoids, which when eaten or drunk get absorbed through your GI tract. Its kick time takes as long as 30 to 90 minutes depending on the user’s metabolism.

Delayed onset time makes it hard to control edibles. Experimentation is necessary to identify the perfect edible dosage. Novice users need to start with 1 to 3 mg THC edibles and then generally build up.