3 Common Causes Of Cardiac Arrest You Can Avoid


Cardiac arrest has shockingly become quite common these days. However, if there is a minor attack, you can still overcome it by following certain precautions. Many cardiac centers such as the chevy chase cardiology center deal with cardiac arrest cases with due diligence and care. There are certain causes that your cardiologists can take you through to understand where exactly are you going wrong.

The 3 common causes of cardiac arrest as suggested by most of the doctors are as follows:

  1. Lack Of Sufficient Sleep

We are living in the busiest time schedule. Busy lives do not allow you to take some time out for your own health. It hence becomes mandatory for you to forcibly take some time out to improve your health status particularly your heart condition. Your body requires a lot of rest, particularly 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. This puts zero pressure on your heart and keeps you away from all sorts of exertion.

  1. Follow A Nutritious Diet Plan

Nutrients are required by your body in every aspect. You must eat all sorts of vegetables that cut down the level of bad cholesterol surrounding your heart area. Keep away from fatty products and junk to extend your heart’s life. Putting less pressure on heart will definitely extend its lifespan. Eat food that has all sorts of nutrients and minerals that are required for total and effective body functioning. Also, chew your food well as alike your stomach, your heart too does not have teeth.

  1. Manage Stressful Conditions

Yes, it is true that you just can’t keep away from stress, but you can definitely control the factors contributing to more and more stress every day. Cardiac centers such as the chevy chase cardiology put you in some stress relieving activities post an open heart surgery. These centers ask you to participate in a lot of light sports activities to keep yourself occupied. Stress causes a lot of exertion on brain and heart, both. Keeping busy and getting yourself from negative people will help you get out of any stressful situation and maintain a healthy heart.