What Is Long-Term Care? Finding Nursing Homes In Alabama And More!


Caring for patients at home may not be a practical or feasible option for a lot of families. The decision of sending someone we love to a nursing home may not be easy, but often necessary. If you are in Alabama, finding a nursing home, or a similar facility, shouldn’t be hard. In this post, we are discussing more about long term care in Owens Cross Roads, AL and what you can expect.

Understanding long-term care

If the patient’s condition is not expected to improve with time, or there is no certainty that they can resume independent living in foreseeable future, they can be placed in long-term care. The aging population, especially those over the age of 60, often need assistance around the clock, and it is not always possible for families to offer that kind of extensive care at home. Besides that, there are patients with debilitating diseases who cannot manage on their own, and therefore, long-term care comes off as the most viable solution.

What to expect in long-term care?

The patient will have assistance for almost everything in long-term care, depending on the extent of their condition. For example, someone may be able to eat their own food but may need help with household chores and bathing. All patients at such nursing homes in Alabama have 24×7 medical attention and professional caregiving. They will have home-cooked meals, which have been cooked as per instructions of the dietician. Other things that are offered in long-term care include podiatry care, medication management, IV therapy, physical, occupational and speech therapies, dental care, social activities and religious services.

When to consider this option?

The choice of long-term care is ideal for patients who need nursing care or help with their day to day activities. For older patients, who have a hard time moving or remembering things, long-term care is the best choice as they can have caregivers around the clock. They can also get hospice care and other therapies. Of course, the choice is a personal one. As opposed to having a caregiver at home, nursing homes are better, because the patient has doctors around the clock and whole bunch of facilities.

If you are comparing nursing homes in Alabama for long-term care, make sure to do your homework and do pay a personal visit to understand the experience. For someone in the family, you would want the best possible care and attention.