Getting Treatments for Missing Teeth: Knowing your Options


Many people have varying dental issues and are looking for the right solution. The most common dental concern among people of any age is missing teeth. Sometimes, getting a tooth extracted can be the only option a patient can have to get rid of the toothache they have been enduring for a while. This results in them losing a tooth or more. Unfortunately, the extraction leaves an empty space that can force the neighboring teeth to shift towards it.  As a result, there will be gaps between healthy teeth. Also, as a tooth is extracted, it means losing the tooth root. Without the root, the jawbone will lose stimulation which eventually leads to deterioration, making the person looking older than they are. Given all these expectations, it is safe to say that missing even a single tooth is a serious matter. Thus, if you have a missing tooth, you need a reliable tooth replacement option.

Keep reading to know about your options:

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a secure and stable foundation for replacement teeth. They are made to look and feel like natural teeth. A dental implant is composed of a titanium post that serves as the tooth’s root, an abutment, and a crown. The abutment is attached to the post before attaching the crown which is the artificial tooth.  A dentist will create the crown to look like the surrounding teeth. Aside from the implant’s natural-looking quality, it is more convenient since patients don’t need to remove their implants when eating some foods or brushing and flossing their teeth.

Getting dental implants requires careful evaluation to make sure the procedure fits the patient. Good candidates for these implants include those with at least one missing tooth, has seriously damaged tooth, has a strong jawbone to support the implant, is in good physical health overall. To know if you can get dental implants, look at this site.

Fixed Bridges

These bridges are often meant as a tooth replacement option for patients with more than one missing tooth but not all of an arch or both arches. Dental bridges are composed of many replacement teeth fused to a metal frame that the teeth on either side of the gap support. Unfortunately, placing bridges involves altering the remaining healthy teeth, which is usually uncomfortable for most patients.


These dentures are composed of replacement teeth for both upper and lower teeth arches. They are fitted around one month after the teeth extraction or fall out. Dentures are made to stay in place with suction to the mouth’s roof and a denture adhesive. But because they feel foreign to the mouth, they can be awkward to wear and cause speech impediments and problem eating. Patients who get dentures take a while to get used to them. However, dentures can be a viable solution for those who cannot get dental implants because of a weak bone density and don’t want to consider a bone graft.

Traditional dentures are formed using a heat curing procedure that can lead to shrinkage. However, cosmetic dentures have a special acrylic base that doesn’t allow shrinkage, ensuring they fit perfectly. Experienced cosmetic dentists can make sure the patient’s dentures look natural.