How to Stretch your Vaping Dollars


Switching to vaping will help former smokers save money, although vaping supplies still incur expenses. But, there are ways to help vapers stretch their vaping dollars. One of these is to use less electronic liquid without hampering the overall vaping experience.

Below are some ways to make this happen:

Increase Nicotine Strength

The majority of vape stores and online retailers provide cheap vape juice in a variety of nicotine levels without increasing the price tag. When you increase the nicotine strength, you get the same amounts of satisfaction without having to refill the tank repeatedly. Do your homework first to determine which strength level suits your specific needs.

Invest in a Second Smaller Less Powerful Vaping Device

If you are a vaper with a day job, you might not be able to vape in the workplace. That is why it may make sense to buy a day vape that gets the job done without the fancy extras. While it is fun to use vaping devices that have massive batteries or those that let you enjoy sub ohm vaping, there is no need to chase the cloud in your workplace. Investing in a cheaper, smaller, less powerful vaping device will help you save plenty of money on excess e-liquid. You can go back to your massive vapor clouds when you are at home.

Deal with the Leak Right Away

Vape mods can easily become damaged because of overfilling or improper filling of the vape juice. Overshooting the tank can lead to leaks or the vape juice becoming trapped inside the center tube. In order to save money on the juice, you need to plug the leak, replace the tank, and clean it with a Q-tip or paper towel. Vaping devices must be checked regularly to avoid dangerous mishaps while giving vapers the best experience.

Because vaping is cheaper than smoking, it is usually easy for vapers to become a bit too attached to the vaping gear. But, if you want to save money on your vaping, you must watch how much you vape throughout the day. If you tend to vape a lot throughout the day, you may also be spending more on vape juice.

Generally, lower-powered gear, increased nicotine strength, and higher atomizer resistance levels translate to a reduction in the use of e-liquid. It is likely for your batteries to last longer, saving you more money in the long run.